Fun discussion topics for couples. 98 Interesting Conversation Topics - Spark fun, unexpected conversations.

Fun discussion topics for couples. 50 Conversation Starters Couples

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52 Questions to Bring You Closer Together | Lemonade Blog

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Without it no relationship can be truly cohesive. By cohesive I simply mean… healthy, connected and successful. Conversation obviously plays a key role in getting to know someone better; so this article is going to give you questions that will initiate some great, heart to heart talks with your significant other. You can always find out something new about someone no matter how long and well you have known them. My goal is that some of these questions will be able to help you find out something you might never have known otherwise, and as a result, to get each other talking and sharing information that would otherwise not be shared. I hope these questions strike up some interesting conversation and get to the heart of who the person you are with is. If you get confused by something they said, repeat what they said back to them and clarify.