Disposable anal douche. Anal Douching - A Guide to Anal Cleanliness | The Big Gay Review

Disposable anal douche. Beginner's Guide To Anal Douche and Enema

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Anal Douching - A Guide to Anal Cleanliness | The Big Gay Review

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As he opened the door to say hi, I coughed and shat out a load of poo water into my underwear. I had to run into his flat, straight to the toilet, and throw my underwear away. It was all down my legs. It killed the mood, needless to say. And, yes, I left the dirty underwear there. Among bottoms, learning the art and science of douching—using an enema, syringe, or hose to flush out the rectal cavity before getting rammed to high heaven—is a sacred rite of passage. Like the asses they irrigate, douches come in all shapes and sizes, from readily available Fleet brand saline bottles to complicated shower contraptions for seasoned vets.