Highlights for dirty blonde hair images. 20 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas That Work on Everyone

Highlights for dirty blonde hair images. 10 Blonde Hair Colors 2019

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Google "blonde hair," and you'll see millions and millions of hair photos, none of which look at all the same. And that's because "blonde" is a very broad term that's applied to virtually any hue that's lighter than brown, making for a very confusing conversation with your colorist. To de-mystify the lingo, we broke down virtually every gilded hue across the vast blonde spectrum, so you know exactly what to ask for at your next hair appointment. Emma Stone swapped her signature red hair for this pale-blonde hue that's ever so slightly peach-tinged peep those subtle blush lowlights. Amber Heard's three-inches of brown roots are made purposeful, not forgetful, thanks to itty-bitty, hand-painted blonde highlights that start at her hairline and snake their way back. To keep light-blonde shades from washing you out, add in some blush undertones, as seen in Julia Roberts' waves, to give a natural warmth to your face.