Dare and dare. Dare to Care | a free heart and vascular screening and education program

Dare and dare. Dare, or dare to?

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+ Embarrassing Dares for Truth or Dare | HobbyLark

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How about a fun game of Truth or Dare? Truth or Dare is a popular game that is played with adults or with couples only. Always bear in mind the age and personality of all players, and you may even wish to categorize your questions and dares to make it easier to navigate through the game. The rules to this game are fairly simple, but to keep it as fair as possible, you prepare the questions and place them in a basket for people to then pick out. The questions can be separated into two containers, and each person can choose if they would like to answer a truth or perform a dare. Therefore, we suggest forming a rule where each person has a set amount of questions from the truth and dare categories to make it fair. For example, a person must have a total of five truths and five dares.