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Beau garrett turistas. Beau Garrett - Turistas

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Beau Garrett in Turistas () -

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The so-called Third World wreaks vengeance on a bevy of beautiful Caucasians in Turistas. To be sure, the titular characters appear deserving of their bad fates, and yet, the film suggests, they are so unthinkingly presumptive and privileged that the extreme nature of their punishment indicts the punishers -- that is, the dark-skinned, multiply-tattooed, and thick-accented but helpfully English-speaking villains. First, the American, British, and Australian tourists ride a bus that takes a plunge off a mountain road in Brazil. As they escape with only some scattered luggage, they decide to entertain themselves while awaiting replacement transportation, by drinking the night away with youthful, energetic locals who appear eager to party, have sex, and -- cue insidious music -- learn English. The tourists are resiliently silly and smug.